Smart Internet

Dynamic bandwidth management and customized QoS, enables you to reduce your telecom budget by 40%.

Managed services

Thanks to our dual telecom operator and cloud service provider, we are able to assist you in your telecommunication management.

Ethernet Link

The Ethernet Link is a Level 2 service, which allows you to interconnect one or more sites with dedicated and secure links, on a national and international level.


In order to set up your MPLS network (Layer 3), Skytic Telecom manages IP routing, secures your network and favors your data traffic, without changing your core network.

Offshore solutions

We interconnect oil platforms with Wireless LTE or fiber solutions.


Partner of the largest satellite operator, Skytic Telecom deploys VSAT, Inmarsat, Iridium and Thuraya solutions, throughout Central Africa.


Skytic IoT Telecom Solutions speed up your digital transformation by analyzing and exploiting Your data.

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